Unlucky Guy

Walk as many steps as possible while avoiding the traps !

Bad day for Unlucky Guy! For 30s, he will have to walk as many steps as possible, while avoiding the traps on his path, such as grenades or beehives. To help Unlucky Guy, touch left to do a step to the left and touch right to do a step to the right. Touch the same side again to link both feet (this action doesn’t count for a step). Make as many steps as you can to climb the ladder and unlock various footprints!

Note that the game is available in English, French and Portuguese.
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SoundBoy is the guardian of the Treble clef. Equipped with his guitar, he has the mission of eliminating any musical note attempting to go after it, or himself. Each note (quarter note, half note, quarter rest, etc.) has its particularity, and our hero will have to move on each line of the score in order to reach them at the pace they are coming. To help him with his task, he will be able to activate up to 5 in-game bonuses, like the saxophone or the piano, available as you unlock modes during your progression. Each mode correspond to a music style such as Blues or Reggae, and change the soundtrack and SoundBoy’s appearance. The goal is to reach 9 min in Orchestral mode to achieve victory. But beware… Difficulty increases with every new mode.

Note that the game is available in English, French and Portuguese.
The game exists in free (with advertising) and premium (without advertising) versions.

Details and actions are explained in the tutorial in-game menu.

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